Blessed Imbolc to All

I made a promise to the Hearth Mother that I would make at least some effort to do something of value today, for She appreciates nothing like Hard Work. I wrote three poems today, which for me is a deluge. None of them were to Her though, oops! I’ll try to remedy that tonight. Eventually, when I have a good “themed” collection going, I plan to gather them into little hand-bound booklets, probably sometime this year. I’m hoping they will each be dedicated to specific deities, but I may not be that prolific. (These booklets are going to be really cool, just wait.)

For Imbolc every year, besides some general baking, I always try to spend some time spinning, a hobby I don’t get to do as often any more. I have some arthritis in my hands, so my yarn-crafts are only occasional and extremely drawn-out affairs. But since spinning is especially sacred to the Hearth Mother, and other Godesses around this time, I make a special effort to offer this work as a gift of contemplative worship, and later use the yarn in a sacred or magic project – usually practical things like binding herbs or what have you.

There’s a special anecdote, though, that goes with my holiday spinning. Several years ago (six?) I spent a lot of time walking, many miles a day. I’m a big fan of thrift shops, so I was a regular at the Goodwill about 2 miles from my home at the time. One particular walk, I was delighted to discover two lovely drop-spindles in perfect condition for something like $10, and these models were not cheap when new. Guess what day I happened to be taking that walk?? Yes, Imbolc.

Hail to the Hearth Mother, everlasting,
Her head shall ever be crowned in gold, 
may She purify my heart as would the flame!

Sooo one thing I haven’t had the chance to go into yet is the nature of my “pantheon”, which is unfortunately a rather essential topic in my writings here. I want to do that before I start getting specific on each Deity, which is why I’m kind of skirting around this Holyday in this post. I’m going to go work on that post right now, which is partway finished and sitting in my drafts, and maybe I’ll have it up sometime within, oh, the next century.

(I’m also avoiding political talk here. I promise I cannot shut up about it elsewhere.)

Edit 2/4/17: I’ve finished another post, but I’m scheduling it to post next Thursday, on 2/9. No sense in posting in sudden deluges separated by vast droughts.