The Basics

I’m the weeping crow*. (I guess that would be spyrjandi kráka in Old Norse?) I practice a syncretic religion based on the cultures of my ancient European ancestors. It involves animism, polytheism, witchcraft, ancestor veneration, and nature worship. I’m also Buddhist, which comes up.

I worship a “pantheon” of 15 Deities, and though I have some Gods I am particularly close to, I am not dedicated to any one patron Deity. (I’m not going to list Them here for now, but I’m sure I’ll be discussing Them individually as I describe my devotional practice.)

I’m in my 30s and currently live in the Pacific Northwest. I’m in college, focusing on History and Anthropology.

*(Please note the title of this blog is a very dorky reference to a fictional heretical priest, not a Native American styling.)

What Is the Purpose of This Blog Then?

There is a loose network of people who are trying to revive and reconstruct pre-Christian polytheistic practices of European peoples. I am part of this unofficial “group”, though I don’t really have much of a connection to most of them as individuals. I want to share my personal religious experiences as “research” to help others who are part of this “project”. This is a blog for sharing my experiences with other polytheists.

GROUPS: “Are you a ….?”
I use the term pagan because I worship nature and the spirits in nature, and revere/respect plants and animals and natural forces. I think this is pretty common description for most folks under the “pagan umbrella”. I am also polytheist, arguably part of what some folks call the “Polytheistic Movement”. It is probably accurate to call my religious development “historically-rooted” whether you call that “revivalist” and “reconstructionist”. Note that not all Recon-types consider themselves “pagan” or “nature-worshiping”, but I do. I’ve heard terms like “devotional” and “immersive” toseed up, they might describe me. I’ve also seen some of what I do be described as “traditional witchcraft”, which comes from historical European practices, though I consider that part generally secular. I also work with herbs and “wildcraft”. I believe most of my Gods come from my ancestors, who were various flavors of European, and my reconstructive element comes mostly from the Northern cultures of my ancestry (arguably “heathen”). Call that syncretic — if your family was blended, they would have blended their beliefs too. I currently don’t perform any type of trance/oracular/seidr work, but I do some types of divination.

Notes About The Blog & Policies

(aka the grumpy luddite section)
I keep a lot of aspects of my personal life private on this blog. I feel that many topics turn into things people will demand justification for (as if they have the right). Every topic nowadays turns into an argument about whether or not the person is ALLOWED to have an opinion. That’s not the purpose of this blog so I’m not going to do that shit here. The blog’s focus is on personal practice and not so much community practice. Though I seem to bitch about that a lot.

Comments: Dissenting comments about the authenticity, accuracy, or purpose of something I write are fine if they’re polite. I may ask people to reword things if I think they have good points but are crossing a content line. This is a personal blog, not a journalist-run news platform, and I have no obligation to give you a voice here. I will not publish comments I deem “crap”. I am not required, legally or morally, to justify this action. I will not engage in political banter, personalized snarls, or concern-trolling.

Links Out: I’m not going to post a blogroll, because I don’t want to give the impression that I am part of any specific social group. If I’m a member of a group I will expressly state it. I might still link posts that cover practical aspects of worship, but with the express disclaimer that a link doesn’t mean support of the person’s political ideals. I expect this will make me unpopular.

Pronouns: I could not possibly care less which pronoun you use for me. Since I haven’t specified my sex/gender, the proper grammatical pronoun a writer should use is”they” since you’d be referring to a person of unspecified sex/gender. My sex and gender are between me and the Gods. And my doctor. And who I’m fucking. So a lot of folks, but not you. (If you judge me differently because you are guessing whether I’m a certain sex or if I’m LGBT, based on the fact that I don’t care about pronouns, you’re probably an asshole.)

Appropriation: I try not to step on the toes of “closed” religions and Living Ethnic Traditions. For example: I have absolutely nothing to do with the religions of the native peoples of North America, because though I have a bit of that ancestry, I have no link to the culture or community. I did indeed choose to pursue the religions of the cultures of my historic ancestors, who were predominately Northern Europeans. However I believe that the Gods call whom They call, and if a person is truly sincere they will take the time to properly and appropriately learn the worship no matter their personal background. This is my blog about my practice. I’m not here to question others’ validity. That said, I try to avoid questionable terminology and such.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have below.


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